Wireless Multiroom Speakers & Systems

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  • Heos 5 HS2 Black Wireless Multiroom Speaker

    Heos 5 HS2 Black Wireless Multiroom Speaker

    The only thing that is better than the way the Heos 5 HS2 looks is the way it performs. Fill your house with over 100 years of Denon legendary sound.
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  • Denon HEOS Bar & Heos Subwoofer Package

    Denon HEOS Bar & Heos Subwoofer Package

    £1,099.00 £1,398.00
    The Denon Heos Bar and Heos Subwoofer package will transform your music and movies by bringing fantastic features and wireless convenience to your home
  • Denon HEOS Bar 5.1 Wireless Package

    Denon HEOS Bar 5.1 Wireless Package

    £1,499.00 £1,796.00
    This 5.1 wireless surround sound package including the Denon HEOS Bar, HEOS Subwoofer & Two HEOS 1 HS2 speakers will transform your music and movie experience
  • Heos AVR Silver Wireless AV Receiver

    Heos AVR Silver Wireless AV Receiver

    Whether you choose to have your surround sound wired or wireless the Heos AVR can do it all. This is the wireless surround sound system you have been waiting for.
  • HEOS Bar Black Soundbar

    HEOS Bar Black Soundbar

    £629.00 £799.00
    The Heos Bar is the soundbar for the 21st century. Features include optional wireless 5.1 surround sound, 4K HDMI inputs & Hi-Res Audio.
  • HEOS Subwoofer Black

    HEOS Subwoofer Black

    Whether its music or movies the Denon Heos Subwoofer will bring scale and authority to your new or existing Heos wireless multiroom system.
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Wireless Multiroom Speakers

Wireless audio is becoming extremely popular and thanks to some new technologies a wireless multiroom system is now available at a wallet friendly price. Most wireless multiroom systems use a Wifi network to send the information to each speaker, some systems use Bluetooth so you don't have to rely on the Wifi network. They are usually controlled from your smartphone or tablet device. Wireless Multiroom speakers are available in various shapes and sizes from compact and portable to room filling party speakers. You can start your wireless Multiroom system with just one speaker and add more on when you are ready. For a high end multiroom system we offer a full custom installation service where we can build your audio system to suit your needs with brands such as Kef, Jamo, Monitor Audio, Heos & Sonos.