Wharfedale Vista 200 | Soundbar | Premier Sounds
Wharfedale Vista 200 | Soundbar | Premier Sounds
Wharfedale Vista 200 | Soundbar | Premier Sounds
Wharfedale Vista 200 | Soundbar | Premier Sounds
Wharfedale Vista 200 | Soundbar | Premier Sounds

Wharfedale Vista 200 Soundbar Black

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Proving that a budget soundbar can sound great the Wharfedale Vista 200 does everything you would expect and does it with aplomb.
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TV Soundbar With HDMI - Wharfedale Vista 200

OUR VERDICT - If you want change from £150 when buying a soundbar, this is the jackpot.

It’s a significant improvement over the tinny, boxy sound you get from the average flat screen, effortlessly conveying a sense of scale, with a soundstage that is wide and spacious. Load up a big, loud film and you’ll have no problem filling the room with sound.

When playing an action movie such as Fast and Furious there’s a good amount of detail, with plenty of texture afforded to the rumbling engines and shifting gears cars. It’s not all about the noisy moments, of course, so we switch to TV for a bit of The One Show.

Speech is convincing and nicely enunciated, and there’s enough subtlety to pick out the sound of a pen scraping against a board whilst one of the presenters is showing off their drawing skills.

We’re also impressed by the tonal balance. The top end is well defined, but never harsh or sharp. The built-in drivers put out surprisingly hefty bass despite not having a separate subwoofer. It’s full-bodied and rich, but taut and restrained enough not to overwhelm.

We turn to music and put the volume up. The Wharfedale maintains its composure, never getting shouty or hardening up. It should be comfortable with anything you care to subject it to making this a soundbar that will be at home in your living room, bedroom or even the kids bedroom. That brings us to our decision which we also showed in the first sentence - BUDGET SOUNDBAR JACKPOT

Small Yet Mighty

The Vista 200 delivers a significant sonic upgrade despite its low-profile design and thoroughly modest price tag. Just 90cm in length and only 6.2cm high, its long and slender form sits unobtrusively beneath the screen without spoiling even the most stylish TV aesthetic. Placed on a TV stand or mounted on a wall, its smart, gloss-black finish always looks the part.

Hidden Power

Nestling behind the metal speaker grille is a pair of high-quality dynamic driver assemblies, positioned at either end of the soundbar’s length to ensure spacious stereo sound and augmented by two reflex ports to aid bass response. These drivers are powered by 2x30W stereo amplification, producing a sound that is crisply detailed yet tonally rich – a powerful, highly intelligible delivery that ensures voices are clear, sound effects are impactful, and music is full-bodied and engaging. In addition, three equaliser settings labelled ‘Movie’, ‘Music’ and ‘News’ provide a degree of sonic tailoring to suit whatever the user is watching or listening to.

Master Of Connectivity

Connecting the Vista 200 to a TV is simple. There are three digital inputs: HDMI (ARC), optical and coaxial. There is also a 3.5mm analogue input, which means you can connect a TV (or an audio device) via an RCA or headphone output. The Vista 200 also has Bluetooth built-in, enabling users to pair devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops and benefit from the soundbar’s rich, room-filling sound when streaming music or watching video content.

 Wharfedale Vista 200 Specifications
​​​​​General Description Soundbar system
Design Philosophy Metal speaker grill
High glossy black housing
Wall-mount bracket to mount the soundbar on the wall
Custom equalizer settings
Driver Type 2 Full range
Display LED
Frequency Response 45Hz – 20kHz
Connectivity 3.5mm / RCA / coaxial / optical / HDMI ARC connectivity / BT 4.2
Rated Power Output Left channel / right channel : 30w+30w RMS
Standby Power Consumption <0.5w
Soundbar: H x L x D (mm) 62 x 900 x 92


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Model Vista 200
Colour Black
Bluetooth Yes
Wall Mount Included
Brand Wharfedale
Condition New