Spendor A2 Floorstanding Speakers

The Spendor A2 Floorstanding speakers break the mould of a conventional floorstander they are small, attractive and unashamedly enjoyable.
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Spendor A2 Review - Hifi Choice Recommended - Premier Sounds Hifi Cornwall
"For what one wants from a compact
floorstander, it is a consummate all
rounder ​​​​​In pretty much every aspect"

'Hi-Fi Choice magazine'
 November 2017. 5-star review.  

Floorstanding Speakers - Spendor A2

OUR OPINION - When we first met the Spendor A2 Floorstanding speakers we were slightly confused....isnt a floor stander meant to be big, dominate the room and upset your 'Feng Shui' ? The Spendor A2 is a tiny tower speaker at only 786mm tall ( Thats between your hip and your knee in case you don't have a tape measure handy ) and only 150mm wide. rather than asking " Where is the rest of it ? " we decided to simply ask " Why so small ? " Thats when the nice people at Spendor Audio ( They really are nice people ) explained something to us that made absolute sense, now I am going to try to explain it to you , wish me luck.

When considering a speaker upgrade, one of the first questions you ask yourself is "Floorstanders or Bookshelves ?" For some of us the decision will be determined by space considerations and how much box you can hide in a room without upsetting other house residents ( You know what I mean SWMBO ) For other people it will be the bookshelf sound that they prefer, a tight punchy low end with crisp highs and little cabinet resonance.

Lets look at the first instance, space constraints. So you have chosen your sexy little bookshelf speaker, now you need to find a pair of suitable speaker stands that more than likely won't be as beautifully crafted a your speakers and the plinth of the stand will inevitably be wider than your speaker, plus there's the added cost of the stand to consider. In your quest to do the right thing your mission has been foiled by the pesky stands as you will need more floor space, they won't be as pretty and you have had to stretch your budget further.
The second instance, sound quality. There is no mistaking that a bookshelf speaker has a different sound when compared to a normal floorstander and for some that sound is Hi-Fi Heaven but they still have to consider the points made above.

How does this explain the reasoning for the Spendor A2 ? The A2 is quite simply a bookshelf speaker in a Floorstanding cabinet. Thanks to its diminutive dimensions that would make a supermodel envious the A4 can fit into any floor space that a bookshelf speaker could without the need for extra stands. Other house residents will probably class it as cute, which they wouldn't say about a pair of stands ( Believe me they won't ) and you have the performance of a bookshelf speaker thanks to Spendors simply sublime driver and cabinet tuning. So as you can see, the speakers you thought you wanted weren't the speakers you needed, the speakers you need are the Spendor A2.

I almost forgot about the sound, I could go on about how I had to make a decision as to whether to assess the A2 as a bookshelf or floorstander but that wouldn't be the correct way to approach this so I simply sat down, let the music play and enjoyed the presentation. I cued up ' Janelle Monåe - I Like That ' on Tidal, sat down, pressed play and was instantly treated to a fluid vocal that just seemed to wrap its silky smoothness around my ears. The bass line was beautifully judged without being over powering and for such small speakers the amount of bass really is rather respectable. The top end of the Spendor A2 never gets harsh meaning that extended listening periods were bliss. If you are looking for Floorstanding speaker that performs like a bookshelf but with more plus points the Spendor A2 is for you.

Small Footprint. Immersive Sound

The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers prove you don’t need a big space, or budget, to enjoy dynamic, open and exhilarating sound. If you’re someone who truly loves music, whichever model you chose, they will add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure. They are slim, compact and you can place them easily and unobtrusively into your living space and they will fill the room with a clear captivating sound, and thanks to innovative Spendor technology the A-Line loudspeakers will get the very best from whatever equipment you have. The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading performance. They are the most adaptable and affordable loudspeakers Spendor have ever created.

• Engineering innovation from the multi-award winning Spendor SA1, A6R and D7 loudspeakers
​​​​​​​• New Spendor EP77 Polymer cones
• Three elegant natural veneer finishes with premium options • Deep articulate bass
• Calibrated and matched to broadcast reference standard • British design and manufacture
• Grilles available as a cost option

Type Floorstanding
Frequency Response 36Hz - 25kHz
Design 2-way floorstanding
Crossover Frequency 4.2kHz
Amplifier Requirements 25-125watts
Sensitivity 85dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Finish Black Ash, Dark Walnut and Natural Oak
Product dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 786 x 150 x 250mm
Weight 12kg


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Brand Spendor
Condition New