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  • Denon HEOS Bar & Heos Subwoofer Package

    Denon HEOS Bar & Heos Subwoofer Package

    £1,099.00 £1,398.00
    The Denon Heos Bar and Heos Subwoofer package will transform your music and movies by bringing fantastic features and wireless convenience to your home
  • Denon HEOS Bar 5.1 Wireless Package

    Denon HEOS Bar 5.1 Wireless Package

    £1,499.00 £1,796.00
    This 5.1 wireless surround sound package including the Denon HEOS Bar, HEOS Subwoofer & Two HEOS 1 HS2 speakers will transform your music and movie experience
  • Focal Dimension Soundbar

    Focal Dimension Soundbar

    £649.00 £799.00
    The Focal Dimension Soundbar offers a true 5.1 cinema experience without the need for extra speakers. Combined with its sleek looks and obvious high end credentials this soundbar is destined to impress.
  • HEOS Bar Black Soundbar

    HEOS Bar Black Soundbar

    £629.00 £799.00
    The Heos Bar is the soundbar for the 21st century. Features include optional wireless 5.1 surround sound, 4K HDMI inputs & Hi-Res Audio.
  • Wharfedale Vista 200 S Soundbar Black

    Wharfedale Vista 200 S Soundbar Black

    Take everything the Vista 200 does so well, add a wireless subwoofer and you have the Wharfedale Vista 200S Soundbar. Sleek, purposeful and a genuine improvement over TV Sound.
  • Wharfedale Vista 200 Soundbar Black

    Wharfedale Vista 200 Soundbar Black

    £129.00 £149.99
    Proving that a budget soundbar can sound great the Wharfedale Vista 200 does everything you would expect and does it with aplomb.
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Buy TV Soundbar & Soundbase at Premier Sounds Hifi Cornwall

A soundbar is as the name suggests,a bar that sits in front of the TV with more powerful speakers and in some cases a subwoofer. A soundbase is something that you stand your TV on and has speakers along the front and in most cases a built in subwoofer. Most Soundbars or Soundbases have built in Bluetooth or NFC pairing meaning that you can enjoy wireless audio from your smart phone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled device without the need of a wired connection. Here at Premier Sounds we appreciate that not everybody wants to have a full 5.1 home cinema system which is why we are proud to offer soundbars and soundbases to cater for everybodies needs and budgets making us your one stop shop for Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom, Smart Home & Hifi in Cornwall.