Bespoke smart home design & installation throughout Devon & Cornwall available at Premier Sounds

Bespoke Smart Home Design & Custom Installation

What is Smart Home? The honest answer is that it can be anything you wish it to be, a smart home is one that allows you to control your living space from a keypad or smart device. We can design and install a smart home system that is tailored to your needs as an individual or a family so that every person that lives in or visits your home will benefit from its functionality. Choosing the right system is key to ensuring a smart home's performance that's why we use products from Control 4HDL Automation.

Keep Your Home Secure

Security is important to everyone but how can a smart home help? Using the right components we can help you design a system with CCTV, automated locks, motion sensors and alarm systems, all of which can be controlled and accessed using your chosen device. We can even set the system to send you an SMS alert to warn you of events that require your attention such as an intruder.

Energy Efficient

A smart home can lower the running costs of your property in several ways. Imagine returning home from work to find that several light's have been left on and the bedroom window was left open, thats a lot of energy that has been lost. Now imagine that just as you leave your house you press the 'All Off' button on your keypad, your smart home has now turned off all of the lights in your property with the press of just one button, now your smart home is about to set the alarm but realises that a window is open, a light in the hallway flashes to alert you that the window is open. An even better scenario could be that you have just got into your car that is parked in your driveway and realised that you have not turned the house lights off, set the alarm or locked the door, using your smart device you can open the App and complete all of this without leaving your car.
Designed to Entertain

Your new smart home can be configured to control your multiroom audio system as well as your home cinema. By using scene or mood selections several functions can be performed with the press of just one button. When you are sat down ready to watch the latest blockbuster release in your home cinema room you could simply press the scene marked ' Movie ' and sit back in awe as the main lighting dims, the mood lighting glows in your chosen colour, your electric screen lowers, the AV Receiver turns on and goes to the correct input, the heating is set to the desired level and the film starts to play, you just did all of this by telling your smart home that you are about to watch a Movie.
A Partnership Designed To Work For You
Smart Home & Building Automation At Premier Sounds Cornwall
Smart Home Demonstration In-Store

The possibilities are endless with a smart home system so we recommend that you visit our store where you can see how you will benefit from its features. Our store has been designed and built just for you so each room has its own theme based on a room in your house. You will also be able to visit our Dolby Atmos Demo Lounge which will highlight the benefits of a custom installed cinema. If you would like to find out more or to book a visit then please click HERE to contact us.

If you would like to contact our Smart Home Technician then please click HERE to contact The Smart Home Company.

Video: Smart Home Demo Room With Dolby Atmos Cinema