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Q Acoustics have redefined the boundaries with the award winning media 4 soundbar. The M4 is potent yet controlled.
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"Product of the Year, Awards 2014. Q Acoustics has taken
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The Hi-Fi soundbar with built-in subwoofer

The Q Acoustics Media 4 is a high performance soundbar designed to deliver high fidelity reproduction of music, and high quality audio from a TV or set top box, tablets and smartphones. The Q Acoustics M4 features ‘BMR’ driver units. These innovative speakers create clear room filling sound. An acoustically matched built-in high performance subwoofer adds real bass. You will enjoy a ‘cinema’ audio experience with the Q M4 compared with using the TV speakers alone. The Q M4 is a ‘Hi-Fi soundbar’, designed to play music and movies with equal accomplishment.
With both analogue and optical inputs the unit can also be used with a variety of other entertainment sources such as streaming services like Spotify, CD players, portable music players, computers and internet radio.
The unit is also Bluetooth compatible using aptX lossless Bluetooth for audio streaming. This wireless connection can sync to almost any Bluetooth compatible audio device. It can remember up to eight pairings, so when friends or family come over, a ‘guest’ music player can get connected in just seconds.
The aptX Bluetooth we use is V4.0 and is compatible with the V3.0, V2.1, V2.0 even V1.2 on some devices so will work with older devices.

Built-In Subwoofer

What makes the Q M4 stand out from other soundbars is the fact that it has a built-in subwoofer, whereas many other soundbars have a separate subwoofer. This means that there is less cables to contend with, and meaning that you have more space in your home than if you had a different soundbar. This is all incorporated in the soundbar, whilst it maintains its slim design. Here at Q Acoustics we thought long and hard about what our customer would want from a soundbar and we came up with the ideal one-box solution. It is so discreet, many people may not even believe that such great sound is coming from such a small piece of equipment. When wall-mounted the distinctive flared shape of the M4 allows sufficient clearance behind the unit for the cable entry.


The Media 4 soundbar uses ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) loudspeaker drive units which not only delivers outstanding sonic performance, but also disperse the sound across an exceptionally wide area. This means, wherever you sit in your room, you’ll still enjoy the full hi-fi or home cinema experience. The diagram below shows exactly how the BMR drive units deliver its amazing performance no matter where you are. Q Acoustics provides true audio with no added effects or digital signal processing to colour audio reproduction and was one of the very first brands to use this technology with our Q-TV2 product. You have peace of mind that you are listening to pure audio as the original mix engineer intended, and the outcome is proven in the amount of prestigious awards that our products have won.

Ease of use

Using the Q M4 soundbar could not be easier. Simply plug it in, connect up to the source that you want to use and it is ready to use. It comes with a small five button remote; however the soundbar has been designed so that you are able to use your satellite or cable remote to control it. This means less remotes for you to have to worry about, yet still be able to control and use every aspect of the soundbar. Better still, to save power, once the soundbar has not been used for 20 minutes it automatically goes into standby, Therefore you do not have to worry about switching it off after every time that you use it.

Television and Movies

When you think of a soundbar you generally think it is used for your television. The Media 4 soundbar is perfect whether you just want to enhance your normal TV sound for the programmes that you love watching, or whether you want to feel like you’re in the movie that you are watching. It brings a new life to your TV and movie watching experience, one that you will wonder how you ever lived without it before.

Enjoy your music

There are simply so many ways in which you can enjoy your music on the new Q M4 soundbar. Whether you plug your CD player in, or use the NFC Bluetooth technology to wirelessly stream to it, you can listen to your music in true high-quality sound. Great for when you’re entertaining, to simply streaming straight from your Spotify account on your own, you will love listening to every moment of it.

Enhance your Gaming experience

Connect the Q M4 soundbar up with your console to truly enhance your experience of gaming. Whether you are playing online, with a friend, or simply on your own, when connected to the soundbar you will almost feel like you are in the game itself. The soundbar can be connected up with the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and other consoles so you can truly have the best experience possible.

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What can the soundbar be connected to?

Due to the technology and design that went into the making of the Media 4 (Q M4) soundbar there are numerous things that it can be connected to. The Q M4 soundbar can be connected to your television, Sky or Virgin box, all the way through to your smartphone and tablet. There are numerous ways in which it can be connected; with both analogue and optical inputs the unit can be used with a variety of entertainment sources such as TVs, CD players, portable music players, computers and internet radio. The unit is also Bluetooth compatible using aptX Lossless for audio streaming. This wireless connection can sync to almost any Bluetooth compatible audio device. It can remember up to eight pairings, so when friends or family come over, a ‘guest’ music player can get connected in just seconds.

Can I pair more than one Bluetooth device?

The unit can have up to eight Bluetooth devices in its pairing list. When you pair with the 9th device the details of the first device will be lost. Once the unit is connected with a device, it will stop automatically searching for other devices to pair with or connect to. To connect to another device, either disconnect the currently connected source on the device itself or press the Bluetooth Pair button on the rear panel of the unit.

What is NFC Connectivity?

NFC stands for ‘Near Field Communication’. This allows you to link any NFC enabled device to the soundbar by simply going up to it and tapping your device on it at a certain point. From simply tapping the device on the certain point shown in the diagram below, you can stream music wirelessly to the soundbar within a certain range.

Where to place my soundbar

The great thing about the Media 4 soundbar is that it can be placed near enough anywhere you want it to. There are three main areas where you can place your soundbar. The first is in or on your TV stand, where its slim depth will allow it to fit into the many different TV stands. Secondly it can be wall mounted to leave your home virtually clutter free, and finally it can be placed on any other piece of furniture from a bookshelf to table. As the soundbar has so many great features it doesn’t just have to be used with your television, and as a result looks great anywhere in your home.

How to wall mount the soundbar

If your television is placed on your wall, the Q Acoustics Media 4 (Q M4) soundbar can also be wall mounted using the wall mounting plate provided in the box. The versatitle Q M4 soundbar will look great in your home, and give you an unrivalled performance. Please see the diagram below which walks you through how to wall mount the Q Acoustics soundbar.

How to fix the feet on to the soundbar

The feet that come with the Media 4 soundbar is designed to reduce the vibration, and therefore enhancing the soundbars performance. We advise you to attach these feet if you are not wall mounting the product. Please see the diagram below to show you how to fix the feet on to the soundbar.

What’s in the box?

At Q acoustics we like to provide you with everything that you need to enjoy your products as much as you can. In the box for the Media 4 soundbar you get; the soundbar itself, the 5 button remote control, a 2 metre RCA Phono lead, a 2 metre 3.5mm Jack lead, 3 anti-vibration feet with 6 screws to screw them into place, a wall mounting plate, a UK AC mains cable, an EU AC mains cable, and also a user manual

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