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The design brief for Q Acoustics products is very straight forward. They simply aim to design and produce the very best affordable loudspeakers in the world. Not of course the world's best loudspeakers at any price; but certainly the world's best loudspeakers 'for the money'. To achieve this monumental task they assembled a team from the world's most experienced and successful loudspeaker designers and they are 100% confident they have been completely successful. The results speak for themselves. As Cornwall's Hi-Fi, Home Cinema & Surround Sound Specialists we chose Q Acoustics speakers as they have received prestigious awards and universal acclaim from consumers and expert reviewers alike. Everyone agrees that Q Acoustics products deliver a sonic performance unequalled at their price. Q Acoustics has recently enjoyed great success at the What Hi-Fi Awards 2014. Q Acoustics had a very successful night and won an impressive five awards; in the stereo speaker category the Concept 20 won product of the year and best stereo speaker £200-£400, the 2050i won the best stereo speakers up to £600 and the M4 Soundbar won best soundbar £300-£600. Within the speaker packages category the 2000i 5.1 pack won the best traditional speaker package up to £700, and new Q7000i won the best style speaker package £700-£1,000. The Q Acoustics 3000 series is also receiving rave reviews, the AV Forums review of the 3020 speakers in August 2015 was summed up using this phrase " This is a tremendous loudspeaker that delivers more musical satisfaction than you would ever reasonably expect."