Onkyo A-9010 Stereo Amplifier

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Simply put, the Onkyo A-9010 stereo amplifier redefines what you should expect from a budget amplifier.
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Onkyo A-9010 Reviews

Onkyo A-9010 stereo amplifier 5 star review what hifi may 2015
"The A-9010 is excellent value and one of the most musically
satisfying budget amplifiers we've heard in recent years."

'What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine'
May 2015. 5-star review.

WRAT - Power To Perform

When it comes to sound quality, amperage (current) is more important than having loads of watts. Onkyo's unique Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) uses high current flow to maintain precise control of the speaker drivers at all times. This ensures accurate and dynamic audio reproduction—from delicate piano passages to an orchestra in full flight—even when the speaker impedance drops and increases the load on the receiver. To achieve this, the A-9010 features a high-output transformer and four audio- grade capacitors with an extruded aluminum heat sink to keep the amps running cool. The amplifier circuits feature discrete low-impedance output transistors for instantaneous power and low distortion, while closed ground loop circuits help to minimize electrical noise. Furthermore, amplifier circuitry and other electronic components were fine-tuned by engineers in the UK to add a sense of warmth and body to vocals and other instruments. Together, these technologies deliver engaging sound whatever your source.


Ready To Revive Your Vinyl

Unlike many stereo amps at this price, the A-9010 features a built-in MM phono equalizer and phono inputs so you can connect a turntable (we think the CP-1050 is a good choice) and enjoy your record collection with pure and dynamic analog performance. Sounding rich and lush—but not at the expense of detail—the A-9010 is an excellent place to start your love affair with vinyl records.

Designed to Perform

The A-9010’s chassis is designed to isolate the audio signal from vibrations that cause interference during the amplification process. Other appealing points include gold-plated, banana-plug-compatible speaker posts with transparent screw-type knobs.These speaker terminals are connected to the amp circuitry via thick speaker plates rather than speaker relays to preserve signal integrity and improve resultant sound quality. Aesthetically, the A-9010 pleases every sense, with sweet proportions and classic metal knobs for the major controls that look and feel like they belong on a more expensive amplifier.

Powerful Hi-Fi Sound Made Personal

Live it up even when you’re told to keep it down.The A-9010 includes an independent headphone amplifier powerful enough to drive high-impedance cans with a sound signature that’s clear and detailed. Onkyo also include a proper 6.3 mm headphone input for a safe and secure connection to your headphones.

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