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Stereo Amplifier - Keeping it pure and simple along with the sort of power that others will envy at this price point is what makes the Musical Fidelity M2si quite a gem at this level.
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" It’s a superb all-rounder and one
of the best amplifiers we’ve heard
below the grand mark."
What Hi-Fi Review - June 2019

OUR VERDICT - Just a single listen will tell you how entertaining this Musical Fidelity amplifier is. Fluid, snappy and packed with enthusiasm, it puts musical enjoyment high on its list of priorities.

That doesn’t mean it leaves things like detail, dynamics and rhythmic precision trailing behind – the amplifier skillfully handles complex arrangements and is capable of delivering subtle, accurate detail.

Stream The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army and that iconic bassline is bouncy, rumbling and has just the right amount of tautness to keep your foot tapping firmly to the floor. The whine and crunch of the guitar riff sounds textured and has plenty of bite, while the edgy, ragged nature of Jack White’s voice is deftly conveyed.

Thankfully, the M2 Si energetic performance doesn’t cross the line into unruly, overzealous territory, the Musical Fidelity is disciplined enough to exercise plenty of control when it comes to dynamics and rhythms.

This easy going nature and power ratings that make others in this price range seem small make the Musical Fidelity M2 Si a stereo amplifier that we can whole heartedly recommend without a single caveat. If you need Digital connections then why not add a DAC from Musical Fidelity too. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Power, Precision & Detail

Delivering 76W per-channel into 8Ω (137W into 4Ω), the M2si has the power to drive a wide range of similarly-priced loudspeakers, including the more power-hungry models. But it’s not just a question of power, as the M2si features a Class A pre-amp stage with its own independent power supply, coupled with a pair of discrete power amps. The end result of the advanced internal design means the M2si effectively offers the performance benefits of a pre/power configuration but with the convenience of a one-box solution.

Sound Components

The M2si integrated amplifier and matching M2sCD CD player are housed in heavy metal enclosures and feature neat aluminium front panels – finished in silver or black. Control is effortlessly simple either via the supplied system remote or the clearly labelled front panel controls. But as well as being easy to integrate, a joy to behold and priced appealingly, what really sets the M2si apart is its ability to better the sonic capabilities of its rivals and sit comfortably amongst even more expensive, esoteric designs.

Purist Design

The M2si slots in as the perfect amplifier for any system in part thanks to its six Line inputs. By leaving DAC, CD, streaming and phono tasks to external devices the amplifier is able to function as a pure analogue hub and delivers a sophisticated, highly engaging sound. For Home Cinema installations, the AUX1 input can also be manually switched to a Home Theatre (HT) through-put.


Musical Fidelity M2 Si Specifications
Inputs 6 x RCA
Outputs Speaker
Line Out - RCA
THD 20Hz to 20 kHz
<0.014% typical
Power Output 76 W at 8 Ohms
137 W at 4 Ohms
Dimensions 100 x 440 x 400 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 9.2 Kg
 Authorised Musical Fidelity retailer and custom installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall 



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What Hi-Fi from UK -

It’s a superb all-rounder and one of the best amplifiers we’ve heard below the grand mark. At £799 it splits the difference between two exceptional Rega amplifiers and it's a worthy alternative to either of them – that’s high praise indeed. - Musical Fidelity M2 Si

Type Integrated Amplifier
Price Match Peter Tyson
GTIN 05060183462212
AV Bypass Yes
Brand Musical Fidelity
Condition New
Product Code M2si