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CD Player - Whether you are looking to partner the Musical Fidelity M2SCD with your existing amplifier or the matching Musical Fidelity M2Si you will be rewarded with a true to form experience.
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" Deliver's music in a manner that does
not in any way shame Musical Fidelity’s
enviable heritage."
HiFi World Review - March 2019

OUR VERDICT - To truly get the measure of this CD player we paired it with its natural partner, the Musical Fidelity M2Si. We start the session with Jonny Cash’s version of Hurt and are impressed by what we hear. There’s a pleasing degree of substance here, with Cash’s vocals firmly planted and nicely focused. There’s plenty of bite, but no sign of unduly hard edges. Instead, you find a more mature sonic character, which is beautifully judged to avoid dulling the attack of notes. We’re pleased with the resolution too. This player digs up a lot of detail and is capable of organising it into a cohesive musical whole.

These qualities come to the fore with more complex music such as Hans Zimmer’s Where We’re Going from the Interstellar OST, where the Musical Fidelity's composure and sonic stability pays dividends. Its stereo imaging is notable too, being nicely layered and sharply focused. Something else that adds to the 'Real' Hi-Fi experience is the combination’s wide-ranging dynamics, the way the soundtrack’s seismic bass hits hard but also the nuanced rendering of the piano and string notes. It’s the kind of performance we’d find hard to better even at double the money. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Precision & Detail

The M2sCD is a serious, Red Book hi-fi CD player designed to match the cosmetic appeal of the M2si amplifier, while also sonically matching its high-fidelity delivery.

Built upon years of Musical Fidelity know-how, the M2sCD is unique in that it features both a mains choke filter and a high-tech digital stream noise filter. This innovative approach enables the player to measure like far more expensive devices, with low distortion and a virtually flat frequency response, plus minimal noise and jitter.

The internal DAC design draws from its high-end siblings in the Musical Fidelity range, using cutting-edge technology like 24bit Delta-Sigma conversion with 8x oversampling to ensure excellent data recovery from your discs. Simply put, that means you'll hear every detail from your music.

Sound Components

The M2si integrated amplifier and matching M2sCD CD player are housed in heavy metal enclosures and feature neat aluminium front panels – finished in silver or black. Control is effortlessly simple either via the supplied system remote or the clearly labelled front panel controls. But as well as being easy to integrate, a joy to behold and priced appealingly, what really sets the M2si apart is its ability to better the sonic capabilities of its rivals and sit comfortably amongst even more expensive, esoteric designs.

Purist Design

The M2si slots in as the perfect amplifier for any system in part thanks to its six Line inputs. By leaving DAC, CD, streaming and phono tasks to external devices the amplifier is able to function as a pure analogue hub and delivers a sophisticated, highly engaging sound. For Home Cinema installations, the AUX1 input can also be manually switched to a Home Theatre (HT) through-put.


Musical Fidelity M2 Si Specifications
Outputs Digital Coax
Optical Toslink
Line Out - RCA
THD 20Hz to 20 kHz <0.003% typical
Output Voltage (RCA) 2.2 Volts
Dimensions 100 x 440 x 375 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 6.65 Kg
 Authorised Musical Fidelity retailer and custom installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall 


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Product Code M2SCD