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  • Musical Fidelity LX2 LPS Phono Stage

    Musical Fidelity LX2 LPS Phono Stage

    Before you upgrade your turntable you need to try this first. With the right system the Musical Fidelity LX2 LPS will bring a whole new level of detail and excitement to your vinyl.
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  • Musical Fidelity M2sCD

    Musical Fidelity M2sCD

    CD Player - Whether you are looking to partner the Musical Fidelity M2SCD with your existing amplifier or the matching Musical Fidelity M2Si you will be rewarded with a true to form experience.
  • Musical Fidelity M2si

    Musical Fidelity M2si

    Stereo Amplifier - Keeping it pure and simple along with the sort of power that others will envy at this price point is what makes the Musical Fidelity M2si quite a gem at this level.
  • Musical Fidelity M3SCD Black CD Player

    Musical Fidelity M3SCD Black CD Player

    Keep your CD collection and enjoy it in style with the Musical Fidelity M3SCD. You can even plug in your television or music streamer and use the built in DAC.
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Musical Fidelity Integrated Hifi Amplifiers & Accessories

Musical Fidelity have been designing and manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics for over thirty years. Thanks to their hard work and well reviewed products they have become one of the best-known British Hifi brands in the Hi-Fi industry.

Musical fidelity are driven by a passion for wonderful music and the challenge of world-class engineering. They approach each new design by looking for the absolute best solution to a given challenge and embrace new technologies in design as well as developing more traditional methods for even greater performance.

In 1984 the launch of the A1 integrated amp was seen as ‘the most important development so far in the renaissance of the UK hi-fi scene’ By some well known reviewers at that time.(Hi-Fi Answers).

In 2009 the mighty TITAN was released, it featured some serious Hifi power: 1kW per channel dual monobloc design with external power supply. Hi-Fi News was ‘Smitten… The Titan is the best power amplifier I’ve used’.

Musical Fidelity are continuing to grow their Hifi range including CD players, yes there is still a place on your rack for a hard format, Music Streamers as well as vinyl and digital accessories including Phono Stages and Headphone Amplifiers.

As Cornwall's Hifi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom & Smart Home Specialists we are proud to offer products that have been created with the same passion that we too have. Thank you Musical Fidelity for allowing us to showcase your products to the world.