Monitor Audio Gold 50 White Bookshelf Speakers

With its svelte looks and detailed yet agile performance Monitor Audio have created something of an acoustic masterpiece in the Gold 50.
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Bookshelf Speakers - Monitor Audio Gold 50

OUR VERDICT - If you are looking for bookshelf speakers or standmount speakers as they are often referred to then that's probably because you have decided that you want an articulate and agile presentation. Clever you, floorstanders simply cannot create the same punch and absolute clarity of a bookshelf speaker for the same price.

That's where the Gold 50 from Monitor Audio live up to their expectations, they render an experience with such delicate insight and the dynamic accuracy of a ninja. This is mainly due to the exquisite C-Cam Ribbon tweeter that extends to 60Khz. We paired ours with the energetic and hugely exciting Roksan K3 Integrated and found that this was a match made in heaven. If you were to pair these with a lean sounding amp then the presentation will be hugely detailed but may lack some excitement. To get the most from the Gold 50 Speakers we matched them with similarly priced amplifiers such as the Musical Fidelity M3si and the Marantz PM8006, this gave a little more warmth to the bottom end and made for an experience that left us tapping our toes whilst enjoying Hot Natured - Reverse Skydiving.

So, is the gold 50 for you ? Only you can answer that but if your needs include exquisite styling, detailed performance and stunning agility then paired with the correct electronics these Gold 50 are sure to entertain.
Don't forget that Monitor Audio offer a svelte collection of Home Cinema speakers to help you create the movie experience at home so we would recommend these Gold 50 as rear speakers or surround back thanks to their deft detail retrieval.- TICKS OUR BOXES

Award Winning Design

Purer and more bewitching than ever, the latest Gold range refines the technology of its award-winning GX predecessor to set a new gold standard for Monitor Audio's celebrated high-end speaker line. Equipped with optimised drivers and empowered by the production quality of the world-beating Platinum flagship range, gilt-edged Gold turns another page in the story of Monitor Audio’s audiophile speaker family.

​​​​​​​Developing the legacy of three award-winning generations, eight new dedicated stereo, centre channel, surround and subwoofer models share a trinity of enhancements including an evolution of the C-CAM Rigid Surface Technology (RST) bass cone employed by their Gold GR and Gold GS predecessors; tighter production tolerances for the advanced C-CAM ribbon tweeters, and a smarter more functional grille design. Energised by these upgrades the new Gold range offers greater transparency, consistency and visual sophistication to devotees of sound and style everywhere, leaving you simply to choose the system that’s right for your room.

Ribbon Tweeter - Vocal Perfection

The Gold series ribbon is derived from the globally acclaimed Platinum C-CAM ribbon transducer. Mechanically it’s identical to the GX ribbon but by improving production tolerances even further, Monitor Audio have discovered that the new model offers a consistently more open and transparent sound. In part, the sense of greater detail and enhanced imaging may be attributed to the closer matching of tweeter pairs in each stereo system. The ribbon’s fabulously efficient wideband design reproduces the authentic tonal character of frequencies beyond 60kHz, as well as the inherent nature of the mid-band vocal region to which the ear is most sensitive.

Articulate Clean Bass

Further tuned by FEA tools, the Gold series bass units utilise an evolved version of the dimpled RST cone surface introduced on the Gold GR and GS ranges. It takes the form of a continuous radiating dish devoid of the central voice- coil aperture. Instead, a longer voice coil and larger motor sit behind the cone in a more efficient drive assembly, which offers greater drive force, longer excursions and lower distortion, producing cleaner, more extended and accurate bass definition. Back-to-back listening tests have demonstrated that across all four stereo models, Gold sounds more open and dynamic, with a soundstage that is both taller and wider than its predecessor.

Fine Tuned Crossover

Comprising high quality capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors, individual driver crossovers are mounted on a dedicated panel accessible from the underside of each speaker. The adjacent speaker terminals are gold plated to maintain signal integrity and contact reliability. All Gold speakers are wired internally with Pure flow® Silver cable.

  • C-CAM (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) ribbon transducer design – providing extension to a class leading 60 kHz
  • HiVe II port technology for better transient response and tighter bass
  • C-CAM RST (Rigid Surface Technology) drivers
  • Single bolt through driver fixings for improved bracing, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Die-cast alloy terminal panel arrangement with high quality bi-wire terminals and high end spade type link cables
  • Pureflow silver internal cabling
  • Selected premium quality wood veneer or high gloss lacquer finishes
  • Rigid 20 mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity resulting in low cabinet colouration
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixings provide a sleek visual effect.

Monitor Audio Gold 50 Specifications

• System Format: 2-Way
• Frequency Response: 55 Hz - 60 kHz
• Sensitivity (1W @ 1M): 86 dB
• Nominal Impedance (ohms): 8
• Maximum S.P.L (dBA): 109.8
• Power Handling - R.M.S. (W): 100
• Recommended Amplifier Requirements (W): 50 - 100
• Bass Alignment: Bass reflex - HiVe®II port system
• Crossover Frequency: 2.3 kHz
• Drive Unit Complement: 1 x 5 1/2" RST®II bass/mid-range driver & 1 x C-CAM® H.F ribbon transducer
• Cabinet Dimensions (HxWxD): 300 x 170 x 263 mm
• Complete Dimensions Inc Terminals (HxWxD): 300 x 170 x 290 mm
• Weight excluding stands (each): 7.5kg
• Optional Floor stand (H x W x D): 630 x 290 x 360 mm
• Optional Floor stand (Weight): 4.5 Kg
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Model Gold 50
Colour White
Type Bookshelf Speaker
Brand Monitor Audio
Condition New