Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Monitor Audio Gold 300 | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds

Monitor Audio Gold 300

Product code: Gold 300 5G
Floorstanding Speakers - Take the mesmerising Gold 200 add bigger drivers and a larger cabinet the result, the simply phenomenal Gold 300 from Monitor Audio. Treat your senses to sublime high fidelity reproduction.
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Authorised Monitor Audio Retailer and Home Installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall
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"Fabulous build and finish, detailed and
transparent sound, deep powerful bass."
Hifi Choice Review - July 2019

OUR VERDICT - Okay, well spotted, yes our verdict is the same here as it is for the Gold 100. Thats because Monitor Audio have tuned the range so well that the traits are mirrored across the range, all that changes is the depth of the dynamics as the speaker size increases.

Once setup and suitably ran in, Monitor Audio recommend a whopping 100 hours, the Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G Have a reassuring yet more exciting sound than the model they replace. They have the same spirit as their predecessors – namely, a do-it-all attitude that’s confident with every element of delivering music – but it’s level of clarity and scale that really stands out.

Thanks to the beautiful 8 inch bass drivers, they sure belt out a large, deep and spacious soundstage. These boxes have no problem going loud: they remain clean and don’t harden up when pushed to high volume levels, which is very impressive for speakers of their kind.

There’s authority to the sound, too – every strand of Girlfriend by Christine and the Queens is delivered with utmost clarity and confidence. Nothing trips them up. These speakers time well, keeping up with the song’s funky rhythms and charge through the tune with an energy that’s infectious and endlessly listenable. The sound is agile and speedy; the tonal balance even. The leading edges of notes are clean and precise, but never sound clinical.

There’s a good deal of satisfying weight and grunt to the low end. The thundering drums and raucous guitars of A Perfect Circle’s Judith have plenty of wallop. The basslines on Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams are punchy and are pulled taut. Voices are projected clearly and with ample detail – every lyric and vocal nuance is enunciated clearly. ​​​​​

​​All in all we cannot recommend the Gold 300 5G highly enough. If you are building a system or upgrading your old kit these speakers will deliver an experience that will entertain everyone by simply allowing you to enjoy the music. These traits mean that the Gold 300 will be a fine asset to any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system - Thoroughly Recommended.

Gold Standard

Any room will benefit from Gold 300’s remarkably tight and textured bass response, deftly informative mid-range and smooth high-frequency attack. Regardless of volume or your listening position, Gold 300’s powers of communication will move you. The class-leading driver technology from Monitor Audio's flagship Platinum II series and the beautiful cabinet construction ensure a premium sound and appearance wherever it is positioned. Monitor Audio’s decades of experience in producing award-winning loudspeakers has resulted in the latest Gold Series. Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the Gold Series has been designed to deliver performance to enjoy for a lifetime. Known for their aesthetic beauty, flawless construction and exquisite sound, Monitor Audio has painstakingly designed and meticulously constructed each of the six Gold-Series models have been made by a team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen.

Engineering Beauty

Gold 300 is the pinnacle of the range. Its deceptively large cabinet houses a 2½" (64 mm) C-CAM mid-range driver with a MPD high-frequency transducer above and a pair of 8" (203 mm) RDT II bass drivers below, in a true three-way arrangement.

Also featuring a pair of rear-facing HiVe II ports delivering smooth airflow and ample bass reinforcement, Gold 300 is the ideal speaker for larger rooms. Its punch and dynamism are matched only by its subtlety and fidelity – Gold 300’s effortless authority, from a crisp 50 kHz at the top end to an earth-moving 30 Hz at the bottom, makes it perfect for any and all listening requirements.

Key Features
  • MPD high frequency transducer – articulate, extended high frequencies, yet supremely smooth
  • Dual 8" bespoke bass drivers, featuring:
    • – RDT II Cone technology – specially developed Sandwich cone technology using thin C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core and woven carbon fibre back skin to return incredible stiffness, yet light and well damped
  • Dual HiVe II ports – improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother air-flow
  • Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling – highest quality transfer through the signal chain
  • Soft touch top trim – giving a luxurious, premium quality furniture grade touch and appearance
  • Single-bolt-through driver technology – providing increased bracing strength, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Bespoke magnetic grilles – clean visual styling, virtually acoustically transparent
  • Custom-made, high-quality gold plated bi-wire terminals
  • Sturdy cast metal out-rigger feet with spike or rubber foot for carpet or hard flooring – provides more attractive appearance and takes up less floor space

Monitor Audio Gold 300 5G Specifications
Frequency Response 30Hz - 50 kHz -6dB
Bass Driver 203mm RDT X 2
Midrange Driver 64mm C-CAM
Treble Driver MPD High Frequency
Sensitivity 90 dB
Recommended Amp Power 100 - 250 Watts
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohm
Dimensions 1000 x 240 x 360.6 MM
( H x W x D )
Weight ( Each ) 30.56 Kg
 Authorised Monitor Audio Speaker retailer and custom installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall 



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HiFi Choice from UK -


"Fabulous build and finish, detailed and transparent sound, deep powerful bass." - HiFi Choice July 2019

Type Floorstanding Speakers
Price Match Richer Sounds
Brand Monitor Audio
Condition New
Product Code Gold 300 5G