Marantz PM6006 Black | UK Tuned Stereo Amplifier | Premier Sounds
Marantz PM6006 Black | UK Tuned Stereo Amplifier | Premier Sounds
Marantz PM6006 Black | UK Tuned Stereo Amplifier | Premier Sounds
Marantz PM6006 Black | UK Tuned Stereo Amplifier | Premier Sounds
Marantz PM6006 Black | UK Tuned Stereo Amplifier | Premier Sounds

Marantz PM6006 Black Stereo Amplifier

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Improving on perfection seems like something that Marantz have mastered over the years. The PM6006 has taken the reign from the almighty 6005.
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Marantz PM6006  Review Premier Sounds
"Yet another fine budget amp from Marantz
with a smooth, balanced and
insightful delivery."

"What Hi-Fi? Best Stereo Amplifier
Under £400

Award Winning Amplifier Design - UK Tuned

Building on the success of the critically acclaimed and hugely enjoyable PM6005 isnt an easy task but Marantz have managed to improve on what appeared to be perfection. Keeping with tradition the PM6006 has separate pre and power amp sections which is not usually seen in amplifiers at this price. By using a discrete construction you will be rewarded with a far cleaner and more detailed sound than other amplifiers that use integrated circuits.

Power To Perform

Even though the PM6006 is rated at 45 watts per channel at 8 ohms you can be assured that the scale and control that the Marantz provides would be far larger than you would expect. This is due to the Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module, or HDAM for short, which features a large toroidal transformer which is impedance shielded and large capacitors. All of this come together to produce a soundstage with outstanding clarity and effortlessness even when under duress.

Built In DAC With Extra Inputs

Marantz have specified an audiophile grade DAC from Cirrus Logic which features 24 bit/192kHz processing which means that you could connect a CD Player and enjoy high end sound quality. The Marantz PM6006 features a multitude of inputs including dual optical inputs, coaxial input and no less than 5 stereo line inputs. Thanks to the multiple inputs you can connect your TV and game console to the PM6006 and enjoy your home entertainment with true Marantz quality. You can even plug in your headphones meaning that no matter what time of the day it is you can enjoy your favourite tracks without disturbing anyone else.
Revive Your Vinyl - Built in Phono Stage
The PM6006 features a built-in MM phono equalizer and phono inputs so you can connect a turntable (we think the Pro-Ject VTE is a good choice) and enjoy your record collection with pure and dynamic analog performance. Sounding rich and lush—but not at the expense of detail—the PM6006 is an excellent place to start your love affair with vinyl records.
Hifi Sound To Suit Your Taste
The Marantz PM6006 features several options that will allow you to tailor the sound to suit you. A Loudness button allows you to maintain the dynamic range even when listening at lower volumes, source direct turns off any processing from within the amplifier and purely amplifies the signal from your chosen source, tone controls are easily accessible on the front panel which allow you to adjust the bass and treble so you can get the most out of-your chosen song and finally you also have the option to Bi-Wire your speakers from the amp itself meaning that you can enjoy greater separation and improved detail.

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What Hi-Fi from UK -
Yet another fine budget amp from Marantz with a Smooth, balanced and insightful delivery.
Richard from London -
A powerful and smooth amplifier with all the features that I require !
Model PM6006
Colour Black
Built in Phono Stage Yes
Digital Input Yes
Price Match Richer Sounds
Product Code PM6006UK
Brand Marantz
Condition New