Jamo S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos Speakers

If you want to experience atmos at home then why not do it in style with the S8 ATM from Jamo. These are designed to be used exclusively with select speakers from the Studio range.
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Dolby Atmos Speakers - Jamo S 8 ATM

OUR VERDICT - As many of you know, Jamo have been out of the UK market for quite a while. Some special people ( Us ! ) managed to continue offering Jamo as we worked with an overseas distributor so we could still offer it to you. Jamo now have a dedicated UK distributor and as such are aiming to win you over with their new Studio series speakers.

Any Jamo fan knows that aesthetics are as important as performance with Jamo and the Studio series is no exception, there are a multitude of options to cover Hifi and Home Cinema use, there are even options for Dolby Atmos upfiring modules ( S8 ATM ) to be fitted atop the S807, S809 and S803 using the integrated connections.

That's enough about the rest of the range, your interested in the S8 ATM Dolby Atmos Modules or 'Upfiring Atmos Speakers' as they are commonly referred to. The S8 are made exclusively for certain models from the new Studio series from Jamo as described above but what makes these so different to the other models out there ? As the S8s have been made by Jamo they are anything but conventional, the atmos modules themselves have integrated metal feet that connect to the S803, S807 and S809 via pins that act not only as fasteners but they also act as the conductor for the Atmos signal. This means that you can simply run your Atmos speaker wire along with your normal speaker wiring ( 4 Core speaker cable would be good for this ) and connect it at the base of your chosen speaker rather than having to run the cabling up the wall through trunking. 

The S8 ATM have the same design flair as the rest of the studio range. Jamo have thought about everything when it comes to attaching the Atmos speaker to your main speaker as they have even designed the grille to slide up so that the module appears to be part of the main speaker itself.

In short the S8 ATM is an upfiring speaker that conforms to Dolby Atmos specification, is easy to use and is sure to please the other half when it comes to appearance and tidiness. Not only that, your friends will be green with envy when they see how beautiful an Atmos speaker can be when compared to the other budget models available. - ATMOS IN TRUE JAMO STYLE

Recreate the incredible cinematic experience of Dolby Atmos with the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos® Certified elevation speaker, which reflects Dolby Atmos height effects off the ceiling down to the listener, to create a truly stunning, 3-dimensional surround sound experience.

Elegant metal fasteners atop the S 809, S 807, and S 803 models provide a chic, modern industrial look, but also serve as a connection point for the S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos elevation speaker. This patent-pending design allows for all of the wire connections to stay on the back of the loudspeaker, avoiding unsightly and messy speaker wire going all the way up to the Atmos module. Adding the S 8 ATM delivers cinematic, completely immersive Dolby Atmos®sound while preserving the beautiful aesthetic of the Jamo Studio 8 Series.

The new Jamo Studio 8 series has been completely reimagined to live seamlessly in modern, premium environments. Contemporary material and finish choices accentuate the clean, minimalist lines of this European design, while the compact cabinet designs are an ideal solution for urban living environments around the world.

The fully magnetic grille ensures a premium look and feel, and two magnetic points on the front panel allow you to slide the S 807 or S 809 grille up for a seamless visual appeal.

Key Features:

  • Achieve true Dolby Atmos sound
  • Patent-pending seamless fastening system
  • Compatible with S 809, S 807 and S 803
  • Elegant, contemporary design
  • Black, Walnut and White finishes
  • WaveGuide acoustic technology
  • 4” Polyfibre Woofer
Jamo S8 ATM Technical Details
Frequency Response    Conforms to Dolby Atmos® Specification
Sensitivity    Conforms to Dolby Atmos® Specification
Power Handling    50W / 100W
Impedance    8 Ohm
Inputs    Integrated Conductive Feet (For use with S 809, S 807, or S 803 models only)
Driver    1 X 102mm (4”) Polyfiber Woofer
Speaker Enclosure    MDF
Enclosure Type    Sealed
Finish    Black, Walnut, White
Dimensions    180mm x 191mm x 242mm
Features:    Seamless Integration atop Studio 8 Dolby Atmos Speakers
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Model S 8 ATM
Colour Black
Type Upfiring Atmos Speaker
Brand Jamo
Condition New