At Premier Sounds we specialise in the supply, installation and calibration of Audiovisual products including, Home Cinema, Multiroom, Hi-fi and Television.

Audiovisual systems are complex,even the all in one HTIB systems require adequate setup of SPL levels, placement and audio delay parameters. A properly calibrated television or speaker system will bring you closer to the cinema experience. Premier Sounds offer various levels of installation and calibration services including Wall mounting televisions, basic speaker placement and setup (Using pre-installed setup supplied in product) As well as dedicated Home Cinema Room Installation and Calibration.

We only use High quality Wall brackets that are tested to an industry standard for television wall mounting.

We also offer a furniture building service for products that are purchased from ourselves.

Our basic television wall mount service includes mounting of the Wall Bracket in your desired location (Dependent  on structure and in-wall services) We supply all fixtures and fittings for the mounting of the television,we will then hang your television on the bracket. We will of course tidy up after ourselves!

Our basic home cinema setup includes confirming correct speaker location and SPL level as well as performing the automated setup included within the product to set speaker delays.

Our television calibration service will calibrate your television to a recognised industry standard including adjustment of Brightness, Tint,Colour, Backlighting and many more.

Our Premier setup package includes all of the services above with an advanced speaker calibration service. This package includes correction of phasing issues causing nulls of the In room SPL response, speaker polarity correction, speaker positioning for optimal response (Wall mounted speakers will require an additional cost) Crossover correction and many more. We use sophisticated software and equipment to take measurements, you will receive a before and after calibration in room SPL response graph showing the effects of our service (The graph will be sent via E-mail or post) In the event that your system is already running at its best (Lucky you!) Then we will only charge you a callout fee.

Our Home Cinema design service gives you the peace of mind that we will guide you through every step of the process, Premier Sounds will create your cinema room from beginning to end including, design, construction, supply, installation and calibration.

We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within one working day.