Innuos Zen Mini Mk 2 STD Black Music Server

The Innuos Zen Mini MK 2 Music Server makes storing and listening to your music library easy, its also Hi-Res Audio and Wireless Streaming capable.
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1 TB Music Server - Innuos Zen Mk 2 STD

When it comes to wireless streaming and Hi-Res audio Innuos are one of the true market leaders. They have produced products that have taken the Hifi world by storm and the superb review that the Zen line of products have received have been nothing short of exceptional. Innuos have designed their range of Music Servers, or NAS Drives as some may call them, for you. Innuos have taken their expertise in Computer Hardware, Audio Hardware, Networking and Software Engineering to create their products end-to-end. How does that benefit you? Since the beginning Innuos have worked with users and partners to find out how to make their Music Servers easy to use whilst giving a stellar performance. As a result the Innuos products are one of if not the best on the market when it comes to user experience and sound quality. Simply insert the CD and let the Zen do its magic, after approximately two minutes the CD will eject and the tracks will be stored in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) Format ready for you to stream wirelessly to your multiroom audio system or you can hard wire the Zen to your DAC for a truly audiophile experience. All of this is controlled from your tablet or smartphone, no desktop required.

Audiophile Design

The Zen MkII Series models were designed to optimise music playback using three key areas: minimising power noise, reducing vibration and optimising firmware. Each of these areas is increasingly built up throughout the range, with the Mini having basic elements such as a floating optical drive platform to reduce vibration, the Zen with its Linear PSU and extensive anti-vibration chassis treatment and the Zenith with its Triple-Linear PSU and SSD storage.

Easy Access To Your Music Library

The Innuos Zen Mini Mk.II - Your entire music collection on a single, sleek box, ready for playback in any room, any time . Imagine all your CDs available at the press of a button, providing a constantly changing soundtrack for your life. But with the Zen Mini Mk.II, there is no need for discs. No computer required for ripping or file conversion. No waiting for tunes to transfer to your network hard drive. No need to dedicate hours to setting everything up. In fact, no excuse for neglecting your CD collection any longer. The Zen Mini is so quiet (having absolutely no fans) that you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away.
Wired & Wireless

The Zen Mini Mk.II is based on open platforms, so it supports almost every audio device out there. Want multi-room audio with your Sonos system? Check. Want to stream high-resolution audio via UPnP to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer? Check. Want to use the Zen Mini Mk.II as a music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi? Check. All three at the same time? No problem. The Zen Mini Mk.II is vastly more powerful than most NAS devices on the market, so no matter how large your music library is, the Zen Mini Mk.II will provide a great user experience.

• Low power consumption for 24/7 operation 
• Switching power supply 
• Quad-core Intel CPU, 2GB RAM

• Automatic and Assisted mode 
• Offline CD Ripping 
• Duplicate and Unidentified Albums Management

• Edit Album Data and Cover Art 
• Music import wizard from USB, NAS or computer 
• Automatic Backup to USB or NAS

• Tidal1, Spotify1, Qobuz, BBC iPlayer and Internet Radio 
• Up to 32 bit/384 kHz, DSD256 and MQA2 via USB 
• Connect via Optical or Coaxial using optional accessory

• Wireless multi-room, such as Sonos, Naim Mu-so, Denon, HEOS, amongst others 
• UPnP Music streamers such as Naim, Linn, Auralic and many others 
• Hi-Fi systems such as DACs, Digital Amplifiers, Active Speakers and others

1 Requires premium-subscription 
2 When connected to compatible DACs

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