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The Focal Dome Flax 5.1 surround sound speaker package is a serious surround sound proposition with a hugely admirable minimalist design. Big sound from a small package guaranteed.
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Sound and Vision Review - 5 Star Top Pick Focal Dome Flax 5.1 Speaker Package - Premier Sounds Home Cinema Cornwall
​"Unique driver materials, overall quality of
construction, and adroit voicing make the
Focal Dôme Flax 5.1one of the
best-sounding compact sat/sub
 systems I’ve heard."

'Sound & Vision Magazine'
5 Star Review.


5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package With Wireless Subwoofer - Focal Dome Flax 5.1

OUR VERDICT - A home cinema speaker package is all about teamwork, with the Focal Dome Flax 5.1 the sum of all these separate parts is a system that works together beautifully. The integration between fronts, rears and the subwoofer is seamless. The surround field, too, is gapless, with effects flowing between channels effortlessly, immersing you deep in the action. TRON Legacy may bear more resemblance to a computer game than cutting-edge cinema, but it’s one heck of a test disc. The slickly choreographed action scenes sound every bit as impressive as they look, and the Focal Dome Flax communicates it all beautifully. The coming together of metal on metal can sound hard or bright on poorer systems, but not here. While it’s true that out of the box it is a little ‘zingy’ at the top end, a good few days of running in irons that out nicely, leaving you with crisp, detailed highs. Dialogue through the centre channel is clear and communicative, the SUB AIR subwoofer is excellent. We’ve heard enough bass boxes to know that they can often be the Achilles heel of 5.1 systems, but that’s not the case here.

All in all the Dome Flax 5.1 displays a potent combination of precision and weight with no fear of bottoming out or losing its grip. We found the Denon AVR X2500 was a perfect partner for this system creating a minimalist yet detailed system - THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

Dôme is a high-end system focusing on miniaturisation as much as on high-tech. Thanks to its near-unlimited power handling, Dôme produces a rich and detailed sound. Having these veritable high-fidelity speakers as part of your 5.1 Home Cinema system will plunge you into the heart of the works of the seventh art. Dôme’s sleek and timeless design makes this 2-way loudspeaker suitable for all living spaces whether on a furniture, mounted to a wall or an optional stand. The lacquered finish gives this pack a trendy look which blends in perfectly with a flat-panel display.

The Focal Air 8" wireless subwoofer complements any Focal 5.1 system. The wireless technology along with the flat design of this subwoofer allows it to fit practically anywhere. Easy to use and install, the Sub Air turns on at your command and turns itself off when no more sound is being produced.

The Wi-Fi radio connectivity puts a permanent end to the eternal question of where to put the cables. A discreet emitter is connected to the rear of the amplifier and makes cabling entirely unnecessary.

Its shape was designed so make it an object of desire that people would no longer seek to hide, despite its compact nature. Its luxurious, authentic lacquer finish further reinforces its appeal. Above all, however, its shape allows it to be harmoniously integrated with your interior, whether on the floor or fitted to the wall using the supplied mounting kit.

The Focal Air is a genuine high-performance subwoofer, fitted with a 21cm bass-reflex boom box for increased effect and modern 150 watt BASH amplification.


Dôme Flax satellite


2-way compact sealed speaker


4" (10cm) Flax mid-bass
1" (25mm) Al/Mg inverted dome tweeter

Frequency response (±3dB)

80Hz - 28kHz

Low frequency point (-6dB)


Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)


Nominale impedance

8 Ohms

Minimum impedance

4 Ohms

Crossover frequency


Recommended amplifier power

25 - 100W

Dimensions (HxWxD)

63/4x511/16x55/8" (172x144x143mm)

Net weight

1,9 kg


SUB AIR, Flat bass-reflex subwoofer, integrated 150W BASH® amp

Speaker driver (diameter)

8" (21cm)

Bass cutoff frequency (-6dB)


Frequency response (+/- 3dB)


Crossover cutoff frequency

variable 50 Hz - 200 Hz

Input panel

Left Right / LFE

Continuous power output

110 W

Peak power

150 W

Phase adjustment

0 - 180° switch

Power functions

ON Auto (1 W) OFF (0,5 W)

Dimensions (HxWxD)

16.1"x14.2"x6.3" (410mmx360mmx160mm)


17 lbs (7,65 Kg)


Wireless connection

Range in Meter

15 meters (in a room)

Sound Sampling

16 bits

Sampling Frequency


Coding delay (latency)


Radio transmission powers or sensitivity


Radio transmission frequency band

2,4Ghz ISM band

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Type 5.1 Speaker Package
Wireless Subwoofer Yes
Channels 5.1
Product Code DOMEFLAX5.1
Brand Focal
Condition New