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Hifi DACs & PC DACs

You cant go far in the audio world these days without hearing the word DAC but what does it actually mean? It stands for Digital to Analogue Converter but why do you need one and why are there so many available. Most amplifiers, CD Players, Soundbars in fact nearly every type of audio product available has a DAC of some sort apart from Turntables. The DAC converts the digital signal sent from the source to an analogue signal that can be used by the amplifier. The built in DAC's in most products are effective but you will notice a vast improvement when you use a dedicated model.

If you are venturing into the world of Hi-Res Audio your source will more than likely be a computer or a NAS drive/Music server like the Innuos range. A computer soundcard is no contest for a standalone DAC, they are prone to noise (interference in the digital signal) and they time very inaccurately. Both the computer and music server option for Hi-Res audio will be better served by an Asynchronous DAC, that raises another question, what is an Asynchronous DAC? It simply means that the timing is controlled by the DAC itself meaning that jitter is kept to an absolute minimum.

So whether you are looking to improve the sound from your computer or to build a high end hifi separates system we can help you find the product that works for you using the carefully selected brands that we offer. Its because of this truly personal service that we can honestly say we are Hifi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom and Smart Home Specialists.