Audio Technica AT-LP60BKBT Black Bluetooth Turntable

Time to revive your vinyl the easy way. The AT-LP60BT wireless turntable has all the features you would expect for a wallet friendly price.
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Wireless Bluetooth Turntable

With the Audio Technica ATLP60BT joining the vinyl revival couldnt be simpler. Audio Technica realised that not everybody has a dedicated Hifi rack full of high end audio components thats why they decided to include Bluetooth audio in the AT-LP60. This means that you can place your new turntable on top of an existing sideboard, bookshelf or even a TV Stand and enjoy your favourite vinyl through a pair of compatible Bluetooth speakers. We would choose the Ruark Audio MR1 for the best sound from a compact system. You could even connect the turntable via Bluetooth to a Denon Heos 1 then group your chosen speakers to make the AT-LP60BT part of your wireless multiroom system. You could even pair the turntable to your favourite pair of headphones, we recommend the AT-SR5BT, so you can enjoy your vinyl as loud as you want without disturbing anyone.

Built In Phono Stage

For the audiophiles out there Audio Technica have also included a built in switchable phono stage so you can connect to any stereo amplifier with line inputs without the need for a separate phono stage. Of course if you would like to use your own phono stage you could of course switch the AT-LP60 to phono and let your chosen phono stage do the hard work.

Plug and Play

The Audio Technica turntable is also easy to setup meaning that you will be enjoying your vinyl in no time. Simply attach the platter and drive belt and you are good to go. No need to balance the tonearm or fiddle around with Anti-Skate weights. The ATLP60 features a replaceable AT3600L stylus so you can enjoy your vinyl for years to come.

Easy To Use Turntable

The AT-LP60-BT features two speeds, 33-1/3 and 45 RPM which are selected by a simple switch. To listen to your favourite album you simply have to select the correct speed and press Start, the Audio Technica will then lift the tonearm onto the LP and lower it so you can start enjoying your music. When the album has finished playing the tonearm will automatically lift the arm and return it to its rest, if you wish to stop the record at any point you can simply press stop and the ATLP60 will take care of the rest for you. A hinged dustcover is also included to make sure your wireless turntable stays in tip top condition.

AT-LP60 Setup Videos



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Type Turntable
Bluetooth Yes
Plug and Play Yes
Colour Black
Built in Phono Stage Yes
Brand Audio Technica
Condition New