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  • Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos

    Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos

    £799.00 £1,099.00
    The Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker package will bring 3D sound, cinematic scale and a touch of designer flair to your front room. This package is one of the best ways to enjoy Atmos on a budget.
  • Fyne Audio F300 Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack AV1

    Fyne Audio F300 Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack AV1

    £1,099.00 £1,255.00
    5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - Take the 5 Star Fyne Audio F300 AV1 add some attractive Dolby Atmos Upfiring Speakers and you have movie perfection on a budget.
  • Jamo S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos Speakers

    Jamo S 8 ATM Dolby Atmos Speakers

    If you want to experience atmos at home then why not do it in style with the S8 ATM from Jamo. These are designed to be used exclusively with select speakers from the Studio range.
  • Jamo S 807 Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack

    Jamo S 807 Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack

    £1,099.00 £1,199.00
    5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - Not only will the S807 Atmos Package from Jamo give you 3D Sound without breaking the bank but it will also look great whilst doing it.
  • Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack

    Klipsch R 625FA Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack

    £1,999.00 £2,035.00
    5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - Deep bass, crisp highs, vocal clarity and of course 3D sound are just some of boxes this system ticks making the Klipsch R-625FA system one of the best Dolby Atmos Speaker Packages available in the UK.
  • Klipsch RP 8060FA

    Klipsch RP 8060FA

    Floorstanding Speakers with Integrated Dolby Atmos - Looking for a pair of spectacular sounding speakers that allow you to enjoy Atmos without cutting holes in the ceiling ? The RP-8060FA from Klipsch is just what you are looking for.
  • Monitor Audio C165

    Monitor Audio C165

    Ceiling Speaker - Whether you are looking to create a discrete multi room sound system or ceiling speakers that will work with Dolby Atmos, the Monitor Audio C165 tick all the boxes.
  • Monitor Audio C265

    Monitor Audio C265

    Ceiling Speaker - With an improved tweeter and extended frequency response the Monitor Audio C265 offers a noted improvement in performance when used for Multi-Room Audio or Dolby Atmos applications.
  • Monitor Audio C265 IDC

    Monitor Audio C265 IDC

    Ceiling Speaker - Whether its Dolby Atmos or Multiroom audio, the C265-IDC from Monitor Audio creates a superb soundstage thanks to its true 3 way design.
  • Monitor Audio CSS230

    Monitor Audio CSS230

    Shallow Ceiling Speaker - The CSS 230 from Monitor Audio proves you don't need to compromise due to space limitations thanks to its Super Slim mounting depth.
  • Monitor Audio Monitor Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack 200

    Monitor Audio Monitor Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack 200

    £1,099.00 £1,255.00
    5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - A Monitor Audio Dolby Atmos speaker package at this price, yes you can believe your eyes. 3D Dolby Atmos entertainment is only a click away.
Buy Dolby Atmos Speakers at Premier Sounds​​​​​​​

What Is Dolby Atmos?

Until now, cinema sound designers have had to mix independent sounds together into channels for soundtrack creation. A discrete sound, such as a helicopter, has been assigned to an individual channel rather than precisely to where it would occur naturally in the scene. While a sound can move across channels, there’s no height dimension. For example, you might hear the helicopter from a side channel and not above you. This approach limits your audio experience because it can’t come close to matching the way you hear in real life, with sounds coming from every direction.
Dolby Atmos is the first home theatre system that is based not on channels, but on audio objects. What is an audio object? Any sound heard in a movie scene—a child yelling, a helicopter taking off, a car horn blaring—is an audio object. Filmmakers using Dolby Atmos can decide exactly where those sounds should originate and precisely where they move as the scene develops.

Thinking about sound in this way eliminates many of the limitations of channel-based audio. In a channel-based system, filmmakers have to think about the speaker setup: Should this sound come from the left rear surrounds or the left side surrounds? With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers just have to think about the story: Where is that yelling child going to run? How will the helicopter move overhead after takeoff? The Dolby Atmos system, whether in the cinema or a home theatre, has the intelligence to determine what speakers to use to precisely recreate the child’s movement in the way the filmmakers intend. They can now precisely place and move sounds as independent objects in multidimensional space, including anywhere overhead, so you can hear them as you would naturally.
A Dolby Atmos home cinema is also far more flexible and adaptable than channel-based home theatre. In a channel-based system with channel-based content, the number of playback
speakers is fixed: a 7.1 system consisting of seven speakers and one subwoofer is used to play 7.1 content. Additionally, there is no height information in the content. With Dolby Atmos, in contrast, you have amazing flexibility: the format provides even richer, more detailed sound by rendering to overhead or height speakers and/or to more than seven speakers at the listener level. As you add speakers, a Dolby Atmos enabled receiver will use them to create even more fantastic, immersive audio.

With the revolution in audio that is Dolby Atmos, sound designers are freed from channel restrictions. Sounds flow above and around you in step with the visuals, bringing a new sense of height and reality to your listening experience. Dolby Atmos helps weave the audio story to match what’s happening on the screen. It puts you in the middle of the action—in ways you have never experienced before.

At Premier Sounds we believe that with the right home cinema system you won't ever need to go to the cinema again, why ? Because once setup and calibrated correctly your surround sound system will be better than the cinema and tuned to your personal tastes, your mates will be queuing at the door to experience movies like never before.

We can help you build your Atmos Surround System to suit your living space and desires whether thats, Atmos Upfiring Speakers, Atmos Ceiling Speakers or atmos enabled floor standing speakers. If you want to experience Dolby Atmos then why not visit our Dolby Atmos Demo Lounge. Due to our extensive knowledge of home cinema and Hifi we can truly say that we are Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom & Smart Home Specialists.