Acoustic Energy AE 100 | 5.1 Speaker Package | Premier Sounds
Acoustic Energy AE 100 | 5.1 Speaker Package | Premier Sounds
Acoustic Energy AE 100 | 5.1 Speaker Package | Premier Sounds
Acoustic Energy AE 100 | 5.1 Speaker Package | Premier Sounds
Acoustic Energy AE 100 | 5.1 Speaker Package | Premier Sounds

Acoustic Energy AE100 5.1 Speaker Package

Product code: AE100HCP
The Acoustic Energy 1 series 5.1 speaker package featuring the highly regarded AE100 Bookshelf speakers will take your surround sound experience to a whole new level.
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Hifi Choice Recommended Review - Acoustic Energy AE100 - Premier Sounds Hifi Cornwall
​"The overall effect is great; sounding punchy
and articulate with lots of energy
and articulation – plus a satisfying sheen."

'Hi-Fi Choice Magazine'
December 2017.


5.1 Surround Sound Speaker Package - Acoustic Energy AE100

OUR VERDICT - Lets face it, trying to convince other house residents (You know who we mean) that a wired surround sound system is far better than a wireless system or soundbar is no easy task. Thats where this AE 100 package can help you achieve a cinema experience at home thanks to its diminutive dimensions, pleasing aesthetics and powerful performance.

These Acoustic Energy AE 100 bookshelf speakers produce a more than decent spread of sound, filling our Demo Lounge with relative ease. The soundfield is airtight, with no detectable gap.

In terms of sonic character, the Acoustic Energy AE100 package doesn’t stray from its heritage of fast, exciting and spacious sound. It simply adds extra helpings of detail and solidity to the mix.

Play Interstellar and, in the scene where Matt Damon tries to dock the spacecraft and flee, the package refuses to let the on-screen action override the audio experience.

The score’s dictating, dramatic pipe organs pound their way through the system with power, scale and dynamics that thoroughly exceed what we’d expect from a package of this size. You can clearly distinguish the score’s low level instruments underneath the action; bells sparkle through the composition with clarity and texture. When the booming score dies down, the subtleties of the astronauts’ breathing emerges through the eerie silence as the Acoustic Energy system stay's tonally even and solid.

Dialogue comes through thick and fast without compromising on crispness, and highs are nicely pronounced and textured, meaning that careful system matching isn’t quite so important with this package, in fact we found the Denon AVR X2500 was a perfect partner.

The well-integrated sub is a tiny powerhouse when compared to similar products from the likes of bass masters SVS, slipping good amounts of low-end brunt effortlessly and cohesively into the presentation. Taut and controlled, it’s just as at home delivering the deep, low monotonous rumble of the spacecraft as it is the short, sharp explosions. - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

100 Series
Acoustic Energy 100 Series is the entry-level range of speakers from a company which has maintained a strong presence in multichannel; the 100 Series has the credentials to be used as a 5.1 system. Aesthetically, the series is rather clever and has little in common with the speakers they hark back to. The pointed dustcap, the narrow but deep cabinet design and the general proportions are exactly in keeping with what you expect. Other touches are more modern but no less appealing like the magnetic grille fixings, the sturdy terminals and the very pleasing addition of a remote control for the sub.

Acoustic Energy AE 100 is a compact stand-mount/bookshelf speaker drawing upon the design and technology of the AE 301 to deliver an invigorating and open sound from a very small reflex-loaded cabinet.

Acoustic Energy AE107 centre speaker is a two-way horizontal mount speaker designed for use with home cinema and multi-channel music systems. The AE107 provides exceptional articulation throughout the vocal and dialogue range.

The Acoustic Energy AE 108 is a new compact 28cm square, yet extremely powerful active subwoofer with remote control for easy set-up and adjustability. It delivers impressively rich and dynamic bass performance, best matched with Acoustic Energy 100 series speakers.

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  Tech Specs


- Drive Unit: 4" paper cone
- Tweeter: 1" dome
- Frequency Range: 45Hz -35kHz
- Sensitivity: 87dB, SBL: 110dB
- Power Handling: 75w
- Dimensions (HWD): 270 x 160 x 240mm
- Weight (Each): 6kg


- Drive Unit: 8" paper cone
- Freq Range: 30Hz – 110Hz
- Peak SBL: 108dB
- Power Handling: 150w
- Crossover Freq: 40 – 110Hz adj
- Dimensions: 280mm3


- Drive Unit: 4" paper cone
- Tweeter: 1" dome
- Frequency Range: 45Hz -35kHz
- Sensitivity: 90dB, SBL: 113dB
- Power Handling: 150w
- Crossover Frequency: 2kHz
- Dimensions (HWD): 165 x 420 x 240mm
- Weight: 9kg


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Type Speaker Package
Product Code AE100HCP
Brand Acoustic Energy
Condition New