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Its hard trying to define one business from another, especially online. That's why we are working hard throughout our website to try and give you the personal touch that you can expect when you visit us instore. We could start with a 'Mission Statement' but that would imply that we are a faceless corporate business when in all reality we are quite the opposite. Premier Sounds is ran by a group of friends and family and we believe that's what makes us different.

For several years our founder, Lee Norman , spent his time sharing his knowledge and passion helping others with their home cinema, whether that's purchasing the correct products or setting it all up to achieve maximum enjoyment. Obviously at this time he didn't have a store so he was sending his friends to Richer Sounds or searching online for the best price available. Lee himself purchased his first AV Receiver, an Onkyo TX-SR605, from Richer Sounds and remained a loyal customer for many years.


On his last visit in 2013 he felt that things had changed. The particular branch that he frequented had changed focus, it was now focussed on Televisions and Soundbars. Sure there were other products there but he felt that he would take up too much of the salespersons time due to the large queue forming behind him. We believe that this is due to the huge success of Richer Sounds, they do a fantastic job at catering for the masses but this means that the minority who want something different are being left behind. It was at this moment 'Premier Sounds' was conceived.

He didn't know how he was going to do it but he knew that every customer would be treated as Lee himself would want to be treated, the store would be styled like a home environment with most of the products working and ready for demonstration and every customer would be given impartial advice to achieve their dream. It has not been an easy task but we can now say that we have exceeded expectations.


Our Services - What We Can Do For You


As we are first and foremost 'Custom Installers' we knew that the store had to have dedicated demo rooms, as Lee's vision stated that 'the store would be styled like a home environment with most of the products working and ready for demonstration' we decided to make every room a home styled demo room. Once we had decided on a location that gave ample free parking to the front and rear of the store we set to work crafting a vision. The building we chose had been an engineering workshop for over twenty years but it had the space and location for us to achieve our dream. We set to work building and renovating ourselves, in fact the only thing we let someone else do was to plaster the walls and lay the carpet. The end result is a three storey apartment style store.

DID YOU KNOW - As Custom Installers We Offer Arcam, Anthem, Emotiva, Kef, Sony, Yamaha, Monitor Audio & Many More

You will arrive on the ground floor where you will be greeted with Televisions, Soundbars, DAB Radios, Wireless Multi-Room Speakers and other items of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema. The Lower ground floor is home to our 'dream building suite' (Most places would call this a 'Sales Lounge') and our Hi-Fi demo lounge where we have all the creature comforts of home including a log effect fire. On the first floor we have a Home Cinema Demo Lounge and a Dolby Atmos Demo Lounge/Media Room.

As time has progressed we have been continually improving our store so that we can show you that we can help you build your dream, whether that's your first Hifi separates system or a dedicated Home Cinema room with full Smart Home Control. As we built our store with dedicated demo rooms many manufacturers have allowed us to become their partners. This means that we can offer you a huge selection of products from the worlds most respected brands. We are continually working to broaden the range of brands we offer so that we can better serve you.

DID YOU KNOW - We Stock Audiolab, Acoustic Energy, Tangent, Elipson, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Project, Onkyo, Teac, Pioneer, Tannoy, Q Acoustics, Piega, Jamo, Unison Research, Marantz, Denon, Wharfedale, Heos, Loewe, Elac & Many More.

Installations come in all shapes and sizes and vary from a 1 hour system health check to a full new build project. We are honoured to be part of building your dream so that's why we work so hard so that you don't have to. Our services start from simply mounting a TV on the wall or installing a wireless multiroom speaker which takes around two hours. The next step up would be our one day smart home installation or a basic home cinema installation. The ultimate installation could involve a full smart home installation with dedicated cinema room and fabric walls. The services we offer are so varied and intricate that it takes more than a webpage to describe them but rest assured, if it produces a picture or makes a noise we can install it.

We even offer networking and Wifi installations for residential and commercial purposes. Our basic services including TV Installation & Wall Mounting are offered throughout Devon and Cornwall with our more intricate installations such as Smart Home or dedicated Cinema Rooms being offered throughout the UK including London, Norwich, Liverpool and Bristol. To learn more about our varied custom installation services then click the links below or contact us so that we can start the process of building your dream.

DID YOU KNOW - We Offer Full Commercial Audio Installation Too?
Smart Home
Home Cinema

As we build our own website it's hard trying to find the time to add everything we offer, therefore we use our website as a guide to what we have to give you. If there is something in particular you are looking for that isnt listed then please dont hesitate to contact us. Where possible we try to make short product videos like the one above. Sometimes reading through endless paragraphs of product descriptions can take the enjoyment out of deciding what would work best for you, the videos we make aim to give you a brief look at the product itself as well as highlight its main features. We try our best to keep our products and prices up to date with the lowest price available but as we devote most of our time to giving you the personal touch our web prices may not be the most current, therefore we recommend contacting us for an updated 'Best Price Available'.

Within our product descriptions we have tried to include a mini review section titled OUR OPINION, here we share our experience of the particular product so that you can get a bit more insight on your next purchase. When you make a purchase online you can be assured that we will give you the same personal service you would expect to receive when you visit our store. We can help you set your product up over the phone, via email or we can even arrange a facetime call so that we can see what's happening and guide you through the process of getting the most enjoyment out of your new product.

Reviews - What Others Have To Say


As you can see from our glowing reviews, we have accomplished what we set out to do, provide useful guidance on your purchase and to show a variety of the best products available. As for our aftercare, well the reviews speak for themselves, after all we treat you as we would like to be treated.

When you have visited us it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave us a review, not to make us blush but so that that other customers can learn from your experience. To leave feedback of your experiences you can click the 'Review Us On Google' link, to leave a review there you will need a google or Gmail account, alternatively you can leave a review via 'Facebook'.

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